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IBIOM- Empowering Small Holder Farmers through Sustainability and Digital Solutions

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IBIOM Live Event Highlights


The IBIOM event, “Empowering Smallholder Farmers through Sustainability and Digital Solutions,” showcased the innovative approaches and collaborations aimed at supporting smallholder farmers. The event emphasized the importance of sustainable practices, digital solutions, and the role of biotechnology in enhancing agricultural productivity and resilience.

Key Highlights

Empowering Smallholder Farmers The event opened with a discussion on empowering smallholder farmers through sustainability and digital solutions, highlighting the significance of technology in supporting their agricultural practices.

Transition from Shared Services to Significant Growth Bear Crops Nexes, initially offering shared IT and financial services, has now expanded significantly, illustrating growth and development within the agricultural sector.

Formation of Bangalore Biotech Startups Association The association, which began as a small WhatsApp group, has grown to include around 300 members, providing a platform for young entrepreneurs in the biotech startup ecosystem.

Establishment of Ibiome Registered Association Founded in February 2021, the Ibiome Registered Association aims to empower smallholder farmers through sustainability and digital solutions, bringing together trustees to support biotech and MSME startups.

Bayer’s Commitment to Sustainability Bayer integrates sustainability into its core business, focusing on reducing crop protection impacts and improving water productivity. Bayer’s biotech lab supports the company’s growth in sustainable agriculture and crop protection products.

Rice as a Key Crop for Sustainability Rice has been chosen as a key crop for driving sustainability, with efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve water use efficiency in rice cultivation.

Regional Focus on Smallholder Farmers The event highlighted the importance of regional collaboration and initiatives to address the specific challenges faced by smallholder farmers in different areas.

Promoting Science and Transparency in Agriculture Engaging with scientists, stakeholders, and policymakers to drive innovation and address societal concerns, the event emphasized the need for cutting-edge research in sustainable agriculture.

CSR Initiatives The organization’s CSR initiatives were discussed, focusing on health accessibility, food sufficiency, STEM education, and skilling, aligning with national government priorities.

Empowering Communities The event underscored the importance of community involvement in project design and ownership to ensure sustainability and value for smallholder farmers.

Digital Solutions for Farmers IBIOM provides digital solutions to connect farmers with dealers, facilitate efficient order processing, and offer financial services, satellite insights, and soil testing labs.

Formation of Skill Development Committee IBIOM’s involvement in the skill development committee by the government of Karnataka highlights its commitment to enhancing agricultural skills and education.

Panel Sessions on Technology and Sustainability Panel sessions discussed the role of technology in agriculture, sustainable waste management, and the challenges and opportunities for smallholder farmers in adopting digital solutions.

Challenges in Adoption of Digital Solutions The event addressed the challenges faced by farmers in adopting digital solutions, including infrastructure limitations, data privacy concerns, and resistance to change.

Importance of Soil Health Discussions on soil health emphasized the role of microbial consortia and biofertilizers, the need for organic carbon, and the challenges in promoting sustainable soil management practices.

Agriculture Waste Management Effective waste management was highlighted as crucial for sustainability, with discussions on transforming agricultural waste into valuable resources.

Embracing Technology with Prudence The event encouraged a balanced approach to technology adoption in agriculture, combining modern practices with traditional, sustainable farming methods.

Local Production of Biopesticides The benefits of localized production of biopesticides were discussed, emphasizing the importance of adapting biological control agents to local conditions for better efficacy.

Extension System Improvements The need for improvements in the extension system to better support smallholder farmers was highlighted, including understanding farmer psychology and addressing human-animal conflicts.

Empowering Farmers through Biotechnology The role of biotechnology in empowering smallholder farmers was discussed, focusing on gene editing, precision agriculture, and sustainable plant protection methods.

Sponsorship and Recognitions The event included discussions on sponsorship opportunities, recognitions for contributions to agriculture, and the importance of supporting startups and larger corporates in collaborative efforts.


The IBIOM event highlighted the critical role of sustainability and digital solutions in empowering smallholder farmers. It showcased innovative approaches, regional collaborations, and the importance of community involvement in driving agricultural progress. The event underscored the need for balanced technology adoption and effective waste management to enhance the productivity and resilience of smallholder farmers.

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