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Exploring Exclusive Industry-Academia Collaborations with Ibiom

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The live event, “Exploring Exclusive Industry-Academia Collaborations with Ibiom,” held at Atria University, brought together industry leaders, academics, and entrepreneurs to discuss the evolving dynamics of industry-academia partnerships. The event highlighted the importance of collaboration in driving innovation, sustainability, and real-world problem-solving skills.

Key Highlights

Acknowledgment of the Host and Key Figures At the beginning of the event, the host thanked Atria University and key figures, Mr. Sundar Raju and his son, Mr. Kosik Raju, for their contributions.

Atria University’s Unique Approach to Biodiversity Conservation Atria University showcased its unique approach to biodiversity conservation, emphasizing sustainability and the importance of inter-species harmony.

Kosik’s Projects: Intellectual Doers and Urban Farming Solutions Kosik’s projects, including Interspecies and Hydrol Lore, focus on combining intellectual capabilities with practical actions, particularly in urban farming.

IBioM’s Engagement with Atria University IBO is working with Atria University to nurture the next generation of problem solvers, fostering ongoing dialogue between academia and industry.

Creating Spaces for Learning and Exploration Atria University aims to help students explore various fields in their first year, balancing passion and skills to guide career paths.

Setting Up Centers of Excellence Centers of Excellence within universities are crucial for industry-academia collaborations, offering access to funds, manpower, and updated curricula.

Real-World Problem-Solving Skills Collaborations with international companies, like those in Switzerland for DNA analysis, provide students with real-world project experience.

Open Collaborations Ibiom and other companies are open to collaborations, with the Atria Foundation contributing significantly to social causes.

Introduction of Key Collaborators The event introduced key industry-academia collaborators, including entrepreneurs working on innovative models for human disease identification.

Changing Dynamics of Collaborations The event highlighted the differences between academia’s focus on research and industry’s focus on commercialization, emphasizing the need for mutual understanding.

Challenges in Collaboration Challenges such as the readiness of graduates for industry roles and the gap between academic training and practical skills were discussed.

Aligning with Sustainable Development Goals Collaborative research funded by the industry can address global challenges, bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Emphasizing Employability The importance of employability over mere knowledge was emphasized, encouraging a shift towards industry readiness in academic institutions.

Building Character Over Skills Character development alongside skill-building is crucial in academic training, as highlighted through examples from various institutions.

Positive Collaborations Successful industry-academia collaborations, such as in the fertilizer and chemical industries, were showcased as models of effective partnership.

Encouraging Project Solutions Assigning real-world projects to student groups with industry guidance fosters practical learning and collaboration.

Mindset Shift Needed A shift in mindset from purely academic achievements to societal value addition is necessary for effective industry-academia partnerships.

Stronger Collaborations The event noted the growing strength of industry-academia collaborations, driven by mutual benefits and incentives.

Future of Education Aligning education with industry requirements is essential for future progress, with industry-driven academic institutions playing a pivotal role.

Statistics in Academia The importance of understanding and applying statistics in academic training was discussed, highlighting its relevance in employment opportunities.

Ibiom’s Journey The evolution of Ibiom from a startup to an established organization was detailed, emphasizing the role of government initiatives and startup collaborations.

Exclusive Collaborations The event offered exclusive collaboration opportunities for startups, subsidized by the government, with potential funding and awards from investors.

Legal Considerations Legal aspects of industry-academia collaborations, including contracts, confidentiality agreements, and intellectual property rights, were discussed extensively.

Digital Marketing and Discoverability The importance of digital marketing, optimizing websites for conversions, and leveraging AI tools like chat GPT for effective content generation was emphasized.

Sustainability Focus Ibiom’s focus on sustainability, clean energy, and efficient operations, including rainwater harvesting and green energy sourcing, was highlighted.

Establishing Accelerator Models The establishment of accelerator models with integrated lab spaces and facilities was discussed as a means to support startups and research initiatives.

Gratitude and Acknowledgment The event concluded with expressions of gratitude to the Atria team and the panelists for their contributions and hospitality.

Agri and Environmental Focus The event highlighted exclusive collaborations in the agricultural and environmental sectors, underscoring the importance of industry-academia partnerships in these areas.


The event at Atria University underscored the critical role of industry-academia collaborations in fostering innovation, sustainability, and practical problem-solving skills. It highlighted the evolving dynamics, challenges, and future prospects of these partnerships, offering valuable insights for participants and stakeholders.

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