IBioM BBS 42nd Monthly Meet Report


The 42nd Monthly Meet of IBioM was held on 21st June, 2024 (Friday), hosted by Ramaiah Institute of Technology

IBioM #42nd Meet

THEME: a) Bio Entrepreneurship- Opportunities; b) Grants for Success of MSMEs & StartUps

2.30 PM to 5.30 PM on 21st June 2024@ Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

Click here to view the entire session –https://www.youtube.com/live/epVq57j64Eg?si=p69x9ioSMfINF82I

Meeting Report

1.  Registration & Networking: The registration and Networking for the event began at 2:30 PM, and approximately 20 visitors from various sectors of the biotech industry, including Startups and MSMEs attended the Event along with the faculty members and students of the Masters and PhD program from the Department of Biotechnology.

2.  Welcome & Introduction: Following a warm welcome note by Dr Bindu, Department of Biotechnology, MSRIT, an introduction to IBioM was shared by Dr. Maneesh Paul, IBioM Trustee.

3. Nurturing Academic Talent and Fostering Bio-Entrepreneurship: Dr B.V. Ravi Kumar Founder, Chairman and Managing Director at XCyton Diagnostics Pvt Ltd., provided an insightful and engaging talk for the students of the Biotechnology Department on how to approach Entrepreneurship.

4. Bio-entrepreneurship opportunities in the area of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: Dr Yogendra ND, Sr. Scientist at CSIR-CIMAP gave a comprehensive talk on the studies and works conducted at CSIR-CIMAP and the opportunities in the field of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants. 

5. Agriculture 4.0: Dr Basavaraj Girennavar; Founder and CEO of Criyagen Agri Biotechnology Pvt Ltd, shared his experience and talked about what is Agriculture 4.0

6. Panel Discussion – Jobs-Jobs-Biotech Jobs: Where are they and how do the Biotech candidates need to be aligned to Industry Requirements? Moderated by Shekar Suman (Biotecnika)

Mr Shekar Suman (Biotecnika) moderated the panel discussion on ‘Jobs-Jobs-Biotech Jobs: Where are they and how do the Biotech candidates need to be aligned to Industry Requirements?’. Panelists including – Mr. Shekar Suman (Biotecnika Info Labs), Dr Basavaraj Girennavar (Criyagen Agri Biotechnology), Dr Geetha M. Swamilingiah PhD (Life Lancer), Dr B.V. Ravi Kumar Founder (XCyton Diagnostics) and Dr Raja Mugasimangalam (Genotypic); discussed the current scenario regarding jobs in the Biotech sector as well as the approach freshers should adopt while looking for a job and the skillset as well as mindset needed for it.

During the Panel discussion, Prof. Bindu S from MSRIT also participated and added valuable comments from the faculty’s point of view.

7. Panel Discussion – Grants for StartUps and MSMEs Moderated by Dr. Raja Mugasimangalam (Genotypic)                                         

Dr Raja Mugasimangalam (Genotypic) moderated the panel discussion on ‘Grants for Startups and MSMEs?’. Panelists including – Dr Raja Mugasimangalam (Genotypic), Dr. Vikram (Rubizon), Dr Gautam Banerjee and Mr Balaknath Datta (Skiom), Dr. Chikoo Cherian (CenturionsBio), Alex D Paul (Azooka Labs); discussed the different approaches that can be taken to obtain funding or grants for students interested in research and aspiring entrepreneurs.

8. Open Session – Moderated by Dr. Jagadish Mittur, Hon President – IBioM

An open discussion session was held, moderated by Dr. Jagadish Mittur, President – IBioM.  Students as well as the faculty members of MSRIT Biotechnology Department engaged in an active question and answer session with our invited speakers.

9.  Conclusion & Vote of Thanks by Dr. Jagadish Mittur, Hon President – IBioM

Dr.Jagadish Mittur thanked all the Participants for attending the event and Dr. Chandraprabha as well as Dr. Bindu for hosting the 42nd Meet of IBioM at the Ramaiah Institute of Technology.  He also mentioned that the the 43rd Monthly meeting of IBioM would be hosted by Biotecnika. Confirmation of this to be shared soon amongst all the members of IBioM. 


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